Turn To News

Gari Media Group

This package made its debut in 1984 in Cleveland on WKYC. It accompanied an image ​campaign named "Turn to 3". WUHF had their own customized campaign which ran until 1987. Since WUHF did not have a locally produced newscast at the time, other cuts from the package were used for IDs, movie bumpers, and other station promos.

Independent Network News Theme

Klein &

This is the theme from the nightly syndicated newscast produced by WPIX. WUHF aired INN after their prime time programming to provide a recap of the day's national news. INN was seen on WUHF throughout much of the 1980's. See the Wikipedia article of the Independent Network News for more information.

USA Tonight

Michael Karp Music

In 1986, INN renamed their newscast to USA Tonight. A new theme soon followed, composed by Michael Karp.

Fox News Service

Score Productions

FOX News began using this theme in 1992 for 30-second updates during prime time programming. The package was also provided as an option to local affiliates to use in their own newscasts, however, WUHF did not begin producing local news until 1997. You can also hear this theme from time to time in movies released by 20th Century Fox when a newscast is being shown within the movie.

News Source

Gari Media Group

WUHF's local news department was established in 1997. After a couple of changes, News Source became the main theme for the 10:00 News. An exact start date for this theme is not known, but it was sometime between 1998 and 1999.

Sinclair News Music Package

Stephen Arnold Music

In December 2002, Sinclair Broadcasting Group began rolling out this package to their affiliates. It was announced in early 2003 that the local news department would be drastically downsized due to a new standardized format that Sinclair was going to provide to their affiliates. In March 2003, the "News Central" format launched on WUHF. The hybrid newscast consisted of locally produced news and sports content, with national content being provided via a central hub in Maryland. The weather forecasts were provided from the Maryland hub as well. WUHF discontinued their news operation at the end of August 2005 when it was announced that Nexstar Broadcasting would be taking over daily operations of the station through a joint sales and shared services agreement. WROC would begin producing an all new 10:00 newscast on WUHF later in the year. The News Central format was a failure and was yanked from all remaining Sinclair stations shortly after.

News Edge

Stephen Arnold Music

WUHF launched an all new 10:00 newscast on November 1, 2005, produced by Nexstar's WROC. The newscast was renamed "FOX First at Ten." News Edge was an older package at the time, having originally been composed in 1994 for KENS in San Antonio, TX. 

Daily News

Gari Media Group

This package premiered in late 2006 on most Sinclair stations. It remained in use by WUHF until 2012 with the launch of their high-definition newscasts.


Stephen Arnold Music

In September 2012, WROC and WUHF launched HD newscasts. "Extreme", a hard-hitting theme made available to FOX affiliates became the new sound of FOX Rochester News First at Ten.


Gari Media Group

At the end of 2013, the joint sales and shared services agreement between Sinclair (WUHF) and Nexstar (WROC-TV) expired. Sinclair had purchased the non-licensing assets of WHAM-TV the year prior. WUHF's studios and offices left WROC and moved in with WHAM-TV. 13 WHAM News @ 10 moved from CW Rochester to FOX Rochester on January 1, 2014. Also making the move was the morning newscast, renamed "Good Day Rochester."

Eyewitness News

Gari Media Group

This music was used along with Advantage on WUHF from January 1, until the transition to a corporate mandated look and sound by Sinclair later in the year in September. 

Glass / Curves

Warner / Chappell Production Music

A new corporate mandated graphics and music package were picked up by both WHAM and WUHF in September 2014. (see WHAM Audio Vault for more info)

WUHF Channel 31, Rochester, NY


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