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WROC-TV Channel 8 Rochester, NY

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Owned and Operated by: 
Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.


Network Affiliation and Digital Sub-Channels:
8.2 Bounce TV


Mailing Address:
201 Humboldt Street
Rochester, NY 14610-1093


Telephone Number:
Main Switchboard: (585) 288-8400
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"Take a Look" by Tuesday Productions
>>Listen to "Take a Look"
This theme was used on WROC from 1979 until 1981.

"NBC TV-Radio Newspulse" by Fred Weinberg Productions, Inc.
>>Listen to "NBC TV-Radio Newspulse"
Used on WROC's noon broadcast for a short period of time in 1980.

WROC-TV News Themes circa 1981 - 1989 (Unknown Artists)
>>Listen to "WROC-TV News Theme circa 1981 - 1989"
These themes could be heard on WROC throughout much of the 1980's. At this time, their origin is unknown. Any information regarding this music would be greatly appreciated.

"Cool Hand Luke: The Tar Sequence" by Lalo Schifrin
>>Listen to "The Tar Sequence"
>>Listen to "Symphonic Sketches of Cool Hand Luke"
As the title indicates, this theme was originally a part of the film score for Cool Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman. In 1968, WABC began using "The Tar Sequence" cut for their opening and closing theme. Many other ABC owned-and-operated stations followed suit along with the Eyewitness News name. WROC was about twenty years behind schedule when they began using the theme in 1989. It only lasted about a year and was discontinued in 1990. In recent years, WROC has resurrected the theme for news updates on radio station WBEE 92.5 FM.

"The Team To Watch"
by VTS Productions
>>Listen to "The Team to Watch"
Used from 1990 until 1991.

"The Leading Edge" by Soundtrack
>>Listen to "The Leading Edge"
As part of a production music library, "The Leading Edge" could be heard on WROC from 1991 to 1992.

"WROC-TV 1992 News Theme" by Otis Conner Productions
>>Listen to "WROC 1992 News Theme"
This theme was used for a brief time between 1992 and 1993.

"Newswire" by 615 Music
>>Listen to "Newswire"
WROC began using "Newswire" in 1993 and transitioned to "Power News" in 1994.

"Power News v.1, v.2, and v.3" by 615 Music
>>Listen to "Power News v.1, v.2, and v.3"
WROC switched from "Newswire" to "Power News" in 1994 and continued to use the package until 1998.

"Image News" by Gari Media Group
>>Listen to "Image News"
>>Listen to Voice-Over Montage of "Image News"
From 1998 until 2009, WROC used "Image News". The theme was originally composed for the Hearst-Argyle Television station group under the name "The A Package." An alternative package was also composed, respectively, with the title of "The B Package." The latter was never used on WROC. In 2000, WROC commissioned Gari Communications to compose a custom cut of the theme which they would use as their main theme for many years to come.

"U-Phonix" by Stephen Arnold Music
>>Listen to "U-Phonix"
In August 2009, WROC updated their on-air look complete with new graphics and studio facilities. In addition, they began using "U-Phonix" by Stephen Arnold Music. This theme package has quite an interesting history, for it contains cuts from another package previously heard on another Rochester television station (WUHF). In 2002, the Sinclair Broadcast Group commissioned Stephen Arnold Music to compose a theme for their television stations. This theme, simply referred to as the "Sinclair News Music Package" was used on WUHF from 2002 until 2005, when the Nexstar Broadcasting Group (owners of WROC-TV) entered into a joint sales and shared services agreement with Sinclair (owners of WUHF). In the coming months, WUHF's studios and offices were moved into the same building as WROC's. WROC began producing the 10:00 newscast on FOX Rochester and replaced the Sinclair News Music Package with another. Almost four years later, when WROC began using "U-Phonix", some of the themes previously heard on WUHF were now heard in WROC's newscasts. Well, how come? It turns out that in 2007, SESAC, the company which licensed the news music to the television stations that used music from Stephen Arnold decided to charge more than what Sinclair was willing to pay. This resulted in Sinclair dropping the Sinclair News Music Package from all of its television stations and turning to Gari Communications instead. As a result, Stephen Arnold Music took four themes from the Sinclair News Music Package and included them in another package (U-Phonix), which had been in use by a number of television stations across the country since 2004. And now you know why...


>NBC News Digest with Bob Kur
>Station ID (Version 1)
>Station ID (Version 2)
>News 8 Update
>This Week on News 8
>News Promo
>Weather Promo
>News Promo with Nightbeat Update
>Tomorrow on NBC Nightly News

>Next @ 11 on Eyewitness News

>CBS Special Presentation
>Tomorrow on the CBS Evening News
>Station ID - Olympic Version
>Channel 8 Movie Arcade
>Eyewitness News - Newsbreak
>Eyewitness News - Promo 1
>Eyewitness News - Promo 2
>Eyewitness Weather - Promo

Late 1992
>Next on Eyewitness News Eleven @ 11
>Weather Update with Kevin Williams

>News 8 Now @ 6 - Open
>News 8 Now - Extended Close with Credits

March 2005

>News 8 Now - Open
>News 8 Now - Rejoin
>News 8 Now - Talent Rejoin
>News 8 Now - Close
>News 8 Now - Weather Open

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