WROC-TV Channel 8, Rochester, NY


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Take a Look

Tuesday Productions

Tuesday Productions has been providing jingles for television and radio since 1972. In 1979, WROC began using "Take a Look" which was used in conjunction with the local image campaign until 1981. 

NBC TV-Radio Newspulse

Fred Weinberg Productions

WROC used this for a brief time on their Noon newscasts in 1980.

WROC-TV News Themes (1981 - 1989)

Unknown Artists

These themes could be heard on WROC throughout much of the 1980's. Their origin is unknown at this time, so any information regarding them would be greatly appreciated.

Cool Hand Luke: The Tar Sequence

Lalo Schifrin

As the title indicates, this theme was originally a part of the film score for "Cool Hand Luke", starring Paul Newman. In 1968, WABC began using "The Tar Sequence" cut for their opening and closing theme. Many other ABC owned-and-operated stations followed suit along with the Eyewitness News name. WROC began using the theme in 1989 after switching from NBC to CBS affiliations and picking up the Eyewitness News name. It only lasted about a year and was replaced in 1990.

The Team to Watch

VTS Productions

"The Team To Watch" first appeared on WSOC Charlotte in 1985. This theme has been credited to a different artist in the past, but after some research, it was found to be by the now defunct VTS Productions. WROC used the package from 1990 to 1991. 

The Leading Edge

Soundtrack Group

WROC had a difficult time maintaining branding after the switch to CBS. This music, a part of a production music library was used from a brief time between 1991 and 1992.

WROC 1992 News Theme

Otis Conner Productions

In late 1992, WROC began using this tune composed by Otis Conner. This started their "Eleven at 11" era which was a format that many stations nationwide began experimenting  with, offering news, weather, and sports all within the first 11 minutes of the newscast.


615 Music

Originally composed in 1992 for WMAQ Chicago, Newswire became WROC's choice for music in early 1993. This all began with a change in newscast titles from Eyewitness News to News Channel 8.

Power News

615 Music

WROC switched from Newswire to Power News in late 1994.

Image News

Gari Media Group

The longest running music package used on WROC was Image News by Gari Media Group. It was originally composed as one of two packages for the Hearst-Argyle television station group in 1996 and was later made available to other stations via syndication. WROC began using Image News in 1998 along with a new look and branding. What's old became new again with the title of "News 8." Nexstar Broadcasting purchased the station in 1999 and made some significant upgrades to the on-air look of the station. In early 2000, a new set, professional graphics, and a custom version of Image News debuted on WROC. This launched the station into the new millennium with a very precise newscast title of "News 8 Now." Even the time and temperature bug was to the second. This consistent branding continued for most of the decade until August 2009.


Stephen Arnold Music

U-Phonix debuted on WROC in 2009 with a familiar sound already known to this market. A portion of the U-Phonix package contains themes that were previously used on WUHF from 2002 - 2005. The original U-Phonix package was composed in 2004 for KTVT in Dallas/Ft. Worth. An updated version of the package was released in 2007 which contained portions of the former Sinclair News Music Package.

WROC 2017 News Theme

Jay Advertising

In October 2017, WROC launched a new look and sound. With set design by The FX Group, motion graphics by Nexstar's newly formed art department, and music by Jay Advertising, the station left no stone unturned in revamping its newscasts. Ferdinand J. Smith of Jay Advertising has been composing music for local, regional, and national accounts since the 1970's. Many will recognize his compositions from Wegmans, Raymour & Flanigan, and of course, HBO.