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WHEC-TV Channel 10 Rochester, NY

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Owned and Operated by:
Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.


Network Affiliation and Digital Sub-Channels:
10.1 NBC
10.2 MeTV
10.3 News 10NBC 24-Hour Weather


Mailing Address:
191 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604


Telephone Number:
Main Switchboard: (585) 546-5670
News Hotline: (585) 232-1010
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"WHEC News Theme" by Ferdinand Jay Smith
>Listen to "WHEC News Theme"
Founded in Rochester in 1973, Jay Advertising provided the theme music for TV-10 News from the mid 1970's into the early 1980's. Ferdinand Jay Smith has also composed music for the ABC Sunday Night Movie and the HBO Feature Presentation and was also a noteable radio personality for a number of years in Rochester.

"The Image Leader" by Soundtrack Group
>Listen to "The Image Leader"
WHEC used this package in the mid 1980's until 1987. It has been used in about a dozen markets and was Soundtrack's most popular theme during this era.

"Palmer News Package" by Shelly Palmer
>Listen to the "Palmer News Package"
This popular theme package was compsed in 1985 and is based on the CBS, Inc. signature created by Dick Marx in 1975 for WBBM Chicago. WHEC started using the Palmer News Package in 1987 (as a CBS affiliate) and continued to do so until 1991 (as an NBC affiliate). Several other themes have been composed based on this signature, including Gari Media Group's "Enforcer" which has been used on over 100 different television stations, but it is now reserved exclusively for CBS owned and affiliated stations.

"Everyday Music Package" by Wow & Flutter Post
>Listen to the "Everyday Music Package"
WHEC used this theme package from 1991 to 1993. A single cut of this theme was used well into the late 2000's to tease Mr. Food cooking segments on News 10NBC at Noon. The Everyday Music Package was originally composed for WCCO Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1990 and was used in only half a dozen markets.
RNYN is currently in search of this entire theme package. Please send me an e-mail if you think you might be able to assist in obtaining it.

"Straight Talk" by Edd Kalehoff Productions
>Listen to "Straight Talk"
>Listen to Voice-Over Montage of "Straight Talk"
Straight Talk got its name from the TV Talk Show that it was composed for in 1991 (show premiered in 1992). The show was hosted by Rich Fisher and aired on WJBK Detroit. WHEC picked up the theme to run from 1993 to February of 2002.

"Dayna" by Edd Kalehoff Productions
>Listen to "Dayna"
Composed in 1990 for WJBK Detroit, Dayna was used on the morning and noon newscasts on WHEC from 1993 to 2000. It survived a bit longer for the weekend morning newscast until being cancelled in 2001. "Newsmaker" continued to use the theme until December 2002.

"The One and Only" by Gari Media Group
>Listen to "The One and Only"
>Listen to Voice-Over Montage of "The One and Only"
One of Frank Gari's most popular theme packages first appeared on WHEC in the summer of 2000. "The One and Only" was introduced to WHEC when Express News @ 5:30 launched. This theme replaced "Dayna" in the mornings and on News 10NBC @ Noon. "The One and Only" replaced "Straight Talk" on February 6, 2002 when the station launched a brand new look. In 2004, this theme retired as the main news theme. "Rochester in Focus" continued to use the theme until the end of 2012.

"The Tower (V.1, V.2, V.3, V.4)" by 615 Music
>Listen to "The Tower"
>Listen to Voice-Over Montage of "The Tower"
The original version of "The Tower" was composed in 2000 for WMAQ in Chicago. This package has been used on dozens of NBC affiliates across the country. WHEC started using the theme in August 2004 when the station launched a brand new look and logo. 615 Music has released several updates to the theme over the years. WHEC used "V.4" briefly for promos before switching to Stephen Arnold's "This is the Place" in December 2012.

"This is the Place" by Stephen Arnold Music
>Listen to "This is the Place"
WHEC began using this theme package in December 2012, just a few months after Stephen Arnold Music made the package available to stations. There is also an image campaign based on the 4-note signature, but WHEC does not currently use it.


Sports Music
"Surge to Victory" Jonathan Merrill (Killer Tracks) Full Mix | Light
"Final Triumph" Al Capps (Killer Tracks) Full Mix | Light
"Momentum" Jonathan Merrill (Killer Tracks) Full Mix | Light

News Music
"Action News" C Gault (Network Music) Full Mix | Light
"Newscenter" C Palmer (Network Music) Full Mix | Light

Weather Music
"Teletype" Rick DiFonzo/Scott Schreer (NJJ Music) Full Mix


>Share the Spirit of CBS - Promo
>Station ID
>Newswatch 10 - Newsbreak
>Newswatch 10 - Promo

>The Jetsons - Promo
>Junior League Youth Awards
>For Kids' Sake
>If it concerns you, it concerns WHEC-TV 10
>News Team 10 - Newsbreak
>News Team 10 - Weather @ 11
>News Team 10 - Tonight @ 11 (:03)
>Rochester's News Team 10 - Promo
>CBS Network ID
>The Cosby Show, coming this fall...
>PSA / Station ID

>Next @ 11 on News Team 10

>Oprah/Geraldo Promo
>News Promo - Gulf War Coverage
>News Team 10 - At This Hour (Early 1991)
>News Team 10 - At This Hour (Late 1991)
>Next @ 11 on News Team 10


>Polar Bear Name Contest
>Tonight @ 11 on News Team 10
>Weather Update with Keith Eichner
>Station ID - Keith Eichner
>Station ID - Inside Edition
>"Today People" Network Promo
>News 10 Weather Update and News Promo
>News 10 - Tonight @ 11

>News 10NBC - Open (War on Terrorism)
>News 10NBC - Promo
>Newsmaker - Open
>Newsmaker - Close

>News 10NBC @ Noon - Talent Open
>News 10NBC @ Noon - Talent Rejoin
>News 10NBC @ Noon - Talent Rejoin (Version 2)
>News 10NBC @ 11 - Open
>News 10NBC @ 11 - Talent Rejoin
>News 10NBC Sports - Rich Funke
>News 10NBC - Topical Promo :15
>News 10NBC - Election Open
>News 10NBC - News Hotline
>I-Team 10 Promo - Tonight @ 6
>Station ID / Talent Promo

>Bills' Sunday - Sports Open

>WHEC - Station Sign On
>WHEC - Station Sign Off
>News 10NBC @ 11 - Open

January 2005
>News 10NBC @ 11 - Open
>News 10NBC @ 11 Weekend - Talent Rejoin
>News 10NBC Weather Lab - Rich Caniglia

April 2005
>News 10NBC Sports - Brett Stagnitti
>News 10NBC @ 11 Weekend - Talent Open
>News 10NBC @ 11 Weekend - Close
>News 10NBC @ Noon - Talent Open

February 2006
>News 10NBC @ 5 - Talent Rejoin
>News 10NBC @ 6 - Open

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