WHEC News Theme

Jay Advertising

This memorable theme was composed by Rochester's very own Ferdinand J. Smith, the co-founder of Jay Advertising. Alongside his brother Greg, the two have expanded their advertising agency across the globe over the past four decades. WHEC used this theme in the 1970's until the mid-1980's.

The Image Leader

Soundtrack Group

This theme package was used from the mid-1980's through 1987. It was Soundtrack Group's most popular news package, used in about a dozen different markets.

Palmer News Package

Shelly Palmer

This popular theme package debuted on WCBS-TV New York in 1985. Based on a theme Dick Marx wrote for WBBM-TV Chicago in 1975, this musical signature can be heard to this day on many CBS stations across the country in Gari Media Group's "Enforcer" and Stephen Arnold's "CBS Local" theme packages. WHEC began using the Palmer News Package in 1987 when the station was a CBS affiliate and continued to do so until 1991 (as an NBC affiliate). 

Everyday Music Package

Wow & Flutter Media Group

Jerry Brunskill composed this theme for WCCO-TV Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1990 where he worked as a freelance composer prior to launching his own production company. WHEC used the package from 1991 through 1993.

*I am currently in search of this entire theme package. Please contact me if you know where it can be obtained.*

Straight Talk

Edd Kalehoff Productions

Straight Talk was composed in 1991 for WJBK Detroit and premiered in 1992 on a weekly public affairs program called "Straight Talk with Rich Fisher." WHEC picked up the package in 1993 and discontinued use in 2002. It was used primarily on the evening and nightly newscasts.


Edd Kalehoff Productions

Dayna was composed in 1990 for WJBK Detroit and was used on the weekly self-titled talk show hosted by Dayna Eubanks. WHEC used this theme for their morning and noon newscasts from 1993 to 2000 and also on the public affairs program "Newsmaker" until 2002. The weekend edition of "AM Live" continued to use this theme until the newscast was cancelled in 2001. 

The One and Only

Gari Media Group

The original series of The One and Only was written for WPLG Miami in 1993. WHEC began using Series IV of The One and Only on News 10NBC for their morning, noon, and new 5:30 newscast, "10's Express News @ 5:30", beginning in the summer of 2000. In February 2002, the station updated its look with the start of the Winter Olympics. Along with the new graphics, The One and Only replaced the previously used themes by Edd Kalehoff. The One and Only was no longer being used on newscasts as of August 2004, but continued as the theme for "Rochester in Focus", the weekly public affairs program until 2012. 

The Tower (V.1, V.2, V.3, V.4)

615 Music

Just in time for the 2004 Summer Olympics, WHEC launched an all new look and sound, featuring the current News 10NBC logo and this music package. Updates to the theme were composed in 2006 and again in 2009, which WHEC picked up shortly afterward. The theme was dropped in late 2012 for the music currently in use by Stephen Arnold.

This is the Place

Stephen Arnold Music

This is the Place is one of many newer packages composed by Stephen Arnold Music of Dallas, TX. The package is based on a local image song created in 2012 and later expanded into a full theme package. WHEC began using the theme in December 2012 along with a more recent graphics package from NBC Artworks.

WHEC-TV Channel 10, Rochester, NY


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