• Liberty (Americana)2:45
  • Liberty (Americana)1:43
  • Liberty (Classical)3:13
  • Liberty (Classical)1:36
  • Liberty (Corporate)2:31
  • Liberty (Corporate)1:46
  • Liberty (Hi-Tech)1:43
  • Liberty (Hi-Tech)1:40
  • Liberty (Momentum)2:34
  • Liberty (Momentum)1:17
  • Liberty (Overture)2:39
  • Liberty (Overture)1:34
  • Liberty (Pastel)2:46
  • Liberty (Pastel)2:17
  • Liberty (Seasons)2:35
  • Liberty (Seasons)2:03

WOKR 1960's News Themes

Unknown Artists

​This is a small sample of news opens used by WOKR in the 1960's. These were obtained from archival footage that aired on the station at a later date.

Home Country

Mayoham Music

This theme was used in the 1970's on WOKR along with the "13 Country" promo campaign. This is theme package in its entirety, plus the campaign song.

Move Closer to Your World

Mayoham Music

This theme is based on the "Action News" theme from WFIL (now WPVI) in Philadelphia. WPVI still uses Move Closer to Your World, over 40 years after it first debuted. WOKR's "Eyewitness News" branding at the time reflected WKBW's in Buffalo. WKBW stuck with the package until 2003 and resurrected it again in 2008. This package has been used in countless television markets.

Hello News

Gari Media Group

In 1981, WOKR introduced us to Hello News and the popular "13 Loves You" image campaign. Over 100 variations of the campaign are said to have been produced for different cities around the U.S. and internationally. WOKR switched to another popular package by Frank Gari in 1987, but kept a part of the Hello News music signature alive...

The Great News Package

Gari Media Group

In 1987, WOKR switched from Hello News to The Great News Package. A  customized version of the main theme from Great News was made available to stations that had previously used Hello News and wanted to keep it a part of their branding. WOKR used this custom theme for their news opens and closes and used standard cuts from The Great News Package elsewhere. If anyone has access to this custom theme, it is one of a very few missing from my collection. I would appreciate any assistance in obtaining it!

Sounds of Liberty

Network Music

This collection of themes is from a production music library by Network Music. WOKR used various versions of the theme for News Source 13 First at Five from 1990 until 1995. Interestingly enough, this theme was also used for FOX News Updates on WUHF (and other FOX affiliated stations) in their early days. All main themes are included in the playlist above since all content is available for public listening access from the company's website.


Gari Media Group

WOKR debuted a new look and sound in 1995 with Advantage, previously known as the WFSB News Package. As the former title indicates, it was originally composed for WFSB Hartford in 1990. Updated versions of the theme rolled out in 2000 on WOKR and 2008 on WHAM-TV. After a two decade run, the package was replaced in September 2014 for a new corporate mandated package created for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Eyewitness News

Gari Media Group

In 2010, WHAM expanded their music collection to include cuts from Eyewitness News. The theme package was used to supplement Advantage with additional bumpers, but was never featured in any news opens.

Glass / Curves

Warner/Chappell Production Music

In September 2014, WHAM-TV changed to a standardized graphics and music package. The music created for stations of the Sinclair Broadcast Group was composed by Warner/Chappell Production Music which now owns the music assets of 615 Music, Non-Stop Music, and most recently, Gari Media Group. This is the first news theme package to be released by the company that was not originally created by one of the previously independent companies. There are actually two separate packages for the Sinclair stations, but some, like WHAM, use both.

WHAM-TV Channel 13, Rochester, NY


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