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Counterpoint first appeared in Dayton, Ohio on WHIO in 1992. The package has been updated several times since it was created over two decades ago. R News began using Counterpoint when the station launched a new logo and graphics package in early 2004.

YNN News Theme

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In March 2009, Time Warner Cable launched YNN Buffalo. The Buffalo market did not have a local 24 hour news channel prior to this. In the coming months, the company extended the name to other markets, replacing R News in Rochester in the summer of 2009. The station kept the same format and talent, only replacing the branding. News 10 Now in Central New York was later converted to YNN in early 2010. 

Time Warner Cable News Theme

Smash Haus Music Group

In December 2013, Time Warner Cable parted ways with the YNN name. All statewide news operations changed names to Time Warner Cable News, as well as others in North Carolina and Texas. 

  • R News - Main Theme1:09
  • R News - Open #10:43
  • R News - Open #20:42
  • R News - Open #30:47
  • R News - Open #40:43
  • R News - Late Theme1:37
  • R News - Sports0:40
  • R News - Sports (Alternate)1:11
  • R News - Bumper (Alternate)0:44
  • R News - Promo0:42
  • R News - Weather on the 9's0:44
  • R News - Main Theme (Updated)1:44

Spectrum NEWS, Rochester, NY


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