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September 17, 2006
Gabe Dalmath, our news anchor at WHEC for nearly 30 years sadly passed away Friday, September 15, 2006. Gabe was diagnosed with untreatable kidney cancer in early June. His death comes as a shock to many who weren't even aware that Gabe was sick. Gabe did not want many people to know that he was sick, for he was afraid that he could not respond to every kind letter of encouragement from the many people who cared for him. In memory of Gabe, I have re-vamped this webpage which was originally constructed when he retired from WHEC on December 31, 2004.

***Video posted September 25, 2006***
Coverage from News 10NBC:
5:00 Newscast - Monday, September 18, 2006
Video 1
12.0MB - Former WHEC News Director Warren Doremus and Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy share their thoughts. Rich Funke tells us the story of Gabe's upbringing. Janet Lomax and Pat McGonigle share thoughts from viewers.
Video 2 6.36MB - Kevin Williams shares his thoughts, followed by Monroe County Executive and former WHEC Anchor Maggie Brooks.
Video 3 1.03MB - WHEC Photographer Jimmy Moore remembers the many amazing qualities of Gabe Dalmath.
Video 4 2.49MB - Robin De Wind tells the story of her first Christmas party at WHEC.
Video 5 10.30MB - Gabe Dalmath served as co-host of the annual MDA Labor Day Telethon from 1976 - 2004. In this clip, Rebecca Leclair looks back at those years. Janet Lomax and Pat McGonigle share more thoughts from viewers. WHEC Vice President and General Manager Arnold Klinksy tells the story of the first time he met Gabe at a restaurant on Alexander Street.
Video 6 1.30MB - Donna Dedee recalls the first time she anchored with Gabe.
Video 7 1.76MB - Former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson expressed his sympathies.
Video 8 1.74MB - Warren Doremus shares more on Gabe's passing.

6:00 Newscast - Monday, September 18, 2006
Video 1
1.83MB - Laura Saxby-Lynch remembers Gabe.
Video 2
4.45MB - Janet Lomax shares some more viewer thoughts. Gabe Dalmath critiques his dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse.
Video 3
6.74MB - Mark Gruba shares his admiration for Gabe. Ray Levato remembers the past 30 years knowing Gabe.
Video 4 7.73MB - Janet Lomax's tribute to Gabe.

11:00 Newscast - Monday, September 18, 2006
Video 1 1.20MB - Don Alhart remembers Gabe as a professional in many ways.
Video 2 4.98MB - Video montage.

6:00 Newscast - Thursday, September 21, 2006
Video 1 11.1MB - Coverage of the memorial service. Rich Funke remembers the incredible life of Gabe.
Video 2 9.84MB - One final video montage set appropriately to Warren Zevon's "Keep Me in Your Heart".

Gabe Dalmath's Retirement from WHEC-TV (article originally from 12/31/2004)
Today was truly a special day to look back upon the broadcast career of Gabe Dalmath. For many years I have watched Gabe on WHEC-TV. I can remember back when I was five years old and I would watch the 6 O'Clock News with my parents. That was in 1992 and even though it wasn't really that long ago it seems like an eternity to me. Many faces have come and gone over the years on the news scene, but the one that will always be remembered by Rochesterians is Gabe's. By now you've probably heard anything and everything positive that could possibly be said about a person and some people might question, "Gee, did he really have that great of an impact?" The answer to that is quite simply yes. Gabe wasn't just a news anchor that read off of a script. He was a professional journalist. He was and still is a man devoted to the community. For many years he co-hosted the annual Labor Day Weekend MDA Telethon. Gabe Dalmath was no stranger to tough times. He and his family fled the war-ridden country of Hungary in 1956. After living in Europe for a few years he came to the United States and started his broadcasting career. It's been known for quite some time that people appreciate Gabe. It is unfortunate that most of us wait until "the end" to express our feelings about another person. I wish Gabe all of the luck in his future career and life decisions. For some reason though I doubt he'll need it. Here's to a great man...