Rochester, NY News & Television Archive

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About Us

This website was originally created in 2002 as a blog detailing the on-air and behind the scenes changes in local television. While the focus has shifted over the years more towards showcasing historical content, you can still find updates pertaining to the Rochester, NY television market in the Facebook and Twitter feeds below. Historical content can be accessed via the audio vault and video archives attached to each station's drop down menu.

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Please feel free to join in on the discussion on Facebook or Twitter, or if you'd prefer, send me an email with information that you think should be on this website. I am always looking to add historical content to the website as well. If you have any old recordings of Rochester, NY television that you would like to share, please contact me so we can make arrangements to get it posted online. I am willing to spend the time to sift through your old VHS tapes and capture the content that I find interesting. You can even have them back if you'd like!

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